About Pamela Harper


Pamela Harper, RN, CAC, CCH

Pamela Harper earned the standing as a leading expert in the fields of addiction treatment, mental health and life transition with 30 years of experience and extensive education both in traditional hospitals, treatment centers, and private practice. Pamela demonstrates excellence by focusing on the needs of the individual rather than the diagnosis. “We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience”.

When recovery from addiction and other life stressors became part of her own life journey she committed her personal and professional life to creating an original and evolved paradigm for healing body, mind and soul.

She developed and purposed a recovery program in Newport Beach, CA in 2011.  Once completed, she focused on her ambitious desire to affect the human condition as an advocate for more progressive mental health systems. She uses result-based solutions and tools; including NLP and Hypnotherapy along with intuitive and progressive counseling skills.

Counseling, coaching and case management, Pamela currently incorporates transformational treatment modalities for individuals and groups. She is teaching, sharing her message on TV, radio, group events and writing, while also providing an inclusive intervention program for families, individuals, professionals and corporations which include treatment in their home, her office or placement in facilities. Physicians and lawyers use her case management program to oversee trust clients, geriatric and disabled, emotionally and mentally impaired patients.


  • Undergraduate degree in Communication, 1976, Print and Broadcast Medias
  • Certified Drug and Alcohol Counseling, 1985
  • Graduate top of class in Registered Nursing 1995
  •  Certification in Hypnosis and NLP from the Neuro Linguistic Institute 2001.
  • Reiki Level 2,  Hands On and Distance Healing 2002
  • Life Coach Certification 2004

30 years of experience in Addiction, Family Counseling, Intervention and  18 years of experience as a Registered Nurse in Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Nursing

Additional experience related to:

Individual and group facilitation, substance abuse education, guided visualization, stress management, success mentoring and grief and loss, with classes provided both in a clinical setting and outpatient as well as community programs.


  • Orange County Alcohol Services, 1981-86
  • Substance Abuse Programs in the greater Southern California  area 1986-2011
  • Tustin Community Hospital, Charge Nurse “Focus on Recovery”


  • Capistrano By The Sea, Nurse Manager Chemical Dependency Unit 1996-99
  • Capistrano By The Sea, Eating Disorders 1996-99
  • Harbor View Adolescent Treatment 1995-96
  • College Hospital Acute Psych and Addiction 1997-2000
  • Hoag Hospital Chemical Dependency Unit 1997-2001
  • Psychiatric Home Evaluations to determine mental and physical status of homebound patients 1997-2002
  • Pacific Coast Recovery Center, Registered Nurse, Chemical Dependency Counselor 2009-2011


  • Counseling/Coaching families, individuals, business executives and company employees
  • Provided Certification in Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching
  • Author of 5 books and 108 audio programs
  • Television and Radio guest and host
  • Print media Health Columnist
  • Created and maintained four businesses that promoted  the idea that the world’s people are ready to embrace a more individualized and holistic approach to mind and body healing
  • International Speaker on the subject of Mind/ Body Healing and Personal Development
  • Mentoring Programs that support other professionals who are ready to move into greater “Purpose and Prosperity”
  • Educational Programs for hospitals and medical personnel providing CEU’s on topics of “Using Words that Heal”, “Coping with Grief and Loss” and “Guided Imagery for Medical Professionals”
  • Created and opened a successful Wellness Center in San Clemente, CA and an inpatient detox and recovery program in Newport Beach, CA
  • Developed a progressive training model of accelerated mind, body, spirit healing in conjunction with other leaders in the fields of NLP, Coaching, Communication and Visualization.
  • Community Outreach Programs providing education on Addiction, Chronic Disease, Family Dynamics, Stress Management and Healthy Lifestyles

Corporate Wellness Program offers programs that address the changing needs of the company and the individual