Farewell To Robin Williams

We say farewell to Robin Williams who gave so much  and expected only  that we appreciate his talent . My heart aches for the loss of one of the greatest talents I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy.   Hearing of the apparent suicide of Robin Williams Monday afternoon, touched my heart.

As one who treats troubled souls with hopeful resources, I immediately searched for answers and understanding.  How could this happen?   Why did it have to happen?   I took solace in a truth that forever comforts me, “there’s a spiritual solution to every problem.”

Intentional Expression

Are we judged by the words that we use?

Can our words really affect the rest of the world?

Are you offended by those who are “often critical”?

Does a person who speaks “kindly” of others please you?

Communication either brings us closer together or further apart.

All of humanity is touched by the love you intentionally share…

In speaking to one or many, they will know that you care.

More Than A Dream

I am always surprised and amazed at the content, theme, and cast of characters in my dream world.                                                         I wondered, how could we apply these revealing glimpses into our vivid subconscious, to any confusing situations in our waking life?

The answer; Recall the emotional energy you felt in the dream and compare those feelings to any noticeable emotional reactions you experienced recently in waking life.  Dreams are filled with secret messages and your emotions are the key.